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How it works...

This web app enables to calculate color values between: Spectral reflectance, XYZ, Lab, Lch and RGB color spaces. Algorithms and source data are based on CIE 015:2018, calculated values should be also in line with ISO standards. Please be aware that RGB values are clipped if they are out of range of color space, also from obvious reasons it is impossible to receive spectral reflectance from XYZ, Lab, Lch or RGB. Most of options are self explanatory, but to avoid any confusion:

Spectrum - Spectral color data from spectrophotometer, values should start from StartWL through rest of color spectrum.

StartWL - Start wavelength for measurements in nanometers.

Step - Measurement increment for example: StartWL = 360 and Step = 10, then measurements are done in 360, 370, 380...

Illuminant - Type of light source used for measurements.

SCO - Standard colorimetric observer, 2 = CIE 1931, 10 = CIE 1964.

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First, select input - by picking selection dot on the left.

Second, insert color values for selected input.

Third, set light conditions and click Calculate.