Welcome to col-cal.com!

Regardless if you are color passionate or you just need right tool to get job done, if it is about color you are in right place! Goal of this project is to create simple tools that every colormanager would like to have on his desk. Without the need to buy/install/maintain heavy duty software.

For now it is just a starter, number of tools is limited to four, but plan is to systematically expand number of available tools. Not only to cover areas that are well known in color management but also to realise some out of box ideas. I hope everyone will find something interesting, that will speed up his/her work.

Some of introduced tools were used effectively in production environment. Another, are just my ideas that can need some improvements. Since this is the second beta version (still in tests) I will be grateful for all feedback, as a way to improve this project in future.

Before you start...

All algorithms and math behind them were done keeping as a goal highest precision and in line with international standards. Nevertheless as a user you need to be aware that website is still in beta tests. Also in few cases calculations needed to be simplified, to keep resonable balance between eficiency, usability and precision.



Why the background is so gray? It is approximately L:50 can vary depending on screen, it is recommended neutral background color by CIE for color comparing.